Hazard Pay is Here to Stay

The council voted 8-1 to eliminate hazard pay, beginning on January 14th. Let's demand that they impose a new Emergency Order to require hazard pay and other COVID safety measures until this crisis ends.Here are the demands:1. Hazard pay for frontline workers
2. Free and accessible testing
3. Free and accessible n95 or similar masks
4. Comprehensive paid sick and quarantine time
5. A requirement to inform workers of potential exposures at work
What can we do to ensure our demands are met?First, we need every working person we can muster to sign a petiton, either in-person, or online, before the next city council meeting, January 19th. Sign the petition here.
Next, we can reach out to our councilors once again to share our demands and request that they are brought up for a vote.
Finally, let's all show up to the council meeting, January 19th at 5pm to pack the public comment.

- Mayor Kate Snyder, [email protected] , 207-874-8941
- At-Large Councilor Pious Ali, [email protected], 207-807-4283
- At-Large Councilor Roberto Rodriguez, [email protected], 207-450-9729
- At-Large Councilor April Fournier [email protected], 207-370-7448
- District 1 Councilor Anna Trevorrow, [email protected], 207-699-4141
- District 2 Councilor Victoria Pelletier, [email protected], 207-751-0252
- District 3 Councilor Tae Chong, [email protected], 207-650-0126
- District 4 Councilor Andrew Zarro, [email protected], 207-200-3467
- District 5 Councilor Mark Dion, [email protected], 207-797-6341

Here's an idea of what you can say:

Councilor ______I’m writing to urge you to maintain the emergency order under which the city has been operating and the hazard pay for frontline workers that comes with it. Pandemic conditions in our city are as bad as they have ever been. The people of our city who continue to work in person, putting themselves and their families at risk every day, deserve to be better compensated for their sacrifices.Working Portlanders need better protections from COVID. I think we need hazard pay for frontline workers; free and accessible testing and masks; comprehensive paid sick and quarantine time; and a requirement to inform workers of potential exposures at work.Please don’t give in to pressure from big employers who’ve fought this change to city law tooth and nail since it was passed. Portlanders voted for a minimum wage with hazard pay specifically to give frontline workers a boost during the pandemic. I urge you to step up now and protect the working families of Portland who voted you into office.Thank you,
<name, location>